“Laid To Rest (For Anthony)” Live at Church, 8/16/2012 w/Gary Alex.

“Servitude” Live at Church, 8/16/2012 w/Gary Alex.

“Swallows & Gulls” & “Eroica II: MAN DIES” Live at Church, 4/28/2012 w/Gary Alex.

In 2004/5, I contributed two pieces for a tribute CD to the late NL artist Karlow K., or KK as he’s most commonly known. 1 piece made it to the promo CD that was floating around in 2006, “Head Eradication”. The other piece was based on an Alphabet that KK had written as a sort of stream-of-consciousness poem. That track, aptly titled “KK’s Alphabet”, was used as a soundtrack for a recent showing/display of some of KK’s artwork & other ephemera. Anthony Blokdijk, the webmaster at & close friend of KK’s, sent me the video of the Art Display, with my track as the video’s soundtrack. The “music” is comprised completely of my vocal samples, and the “vocal” is me reading KK’s Alphabet.