Updates & New Releases

Sometime in the not too distant future there will be some site changes to better reflect that the site is representing a label, Hogtrophonic, and not just one of the artists on said label. Not sure exactly how that’ll play out, but it’s been a long time coming.

During the unintended lull on the site, there have been quite a few releases that have popped up…

The Binary Signals EP Series and Binary Signals Album from Robert Ferent. The 3 EPs & LP are all available digitally in the format of your choosing at whatever price you desire (including free). 00110001 | 00110010 | 00110011 | Binary Signals





Additionally, Robert also issued a Free EP/LP “To Mountains Ascend (A Prologue)” in honor of Brian Eno’s 65th Birthday.

Also, there’s a new Semi-Acoustic 4 Track EP from TOTEM, “friends”, which features Gary Alex’s recent Basement recording sessions. The CDs were given away at a recent TOTEM live show, but you can download it online from TOTEM’s Bandcamp page.

And last, but not least, the debut single from Secret Ghosts, “Plasm / Nightshade” is now available for download ( a short run physical version will come down the pipe later). Be sure to check it out!

PS There’s an official Hogtrophonic Facebook Page & Soundcloud Page now. Check them out, too!

“00110001″ Available Now

Sincere thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday for my show at The Midway Cafe. I had some technical difficulties, but pushed through. Special thanks to Black Fortress Of Opium, TOTEM & The Sour Doo-Dahs, all of which were excellent, and to the fantastic crew at The Midway Cafe.

The first EP in the “Binary Signals” series, “00110001″, is now available for listen/download/purchase. Be sure to check it out!

Show on Saturday, January 12th

Saturday, January 12th I’ll be playing with Black Fortress Of Opium, TOTEM & The Sour Doo-Dahs at The Midway Cafe. Doors are at 8, first act on at 9. 21+. Should be a great time. The first installment in the Binary Signals EP series will be available at the show. Make it out if you can!